the artist behind the project

Data Artist

Ewa Tuteja

Hi, I’m Ewa. I’m a data artist from Berlin. I consider my work as finding a way to give life to information.

I deal with data visualisation in different forms: static/ graphical, interactive and physical. But my deepest passion lies in hand-crafted objects. Above all I enjoy the process of gradual physical creation the most.

My work is, in general, about using data to uncover patterns. More specifically it’s about enabling understanding of a subject matter or a phenomenon through mediums that are engaging, e.g. because they are physically tangible or simply beautiful. It’s about translating data into form. It’s about bringing something abstract forth into “the real world”.

My work has been published in the book The Best American Infographics 2015. I won the visualizing.org challenge Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web in 2013. I got exhibited at the designtransfer gallery in Berlin. And I got longlisted at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.